One Year Later

Love this! I totally understand! Transitioning in itself takes a year or so! The LA move is serious…taking the leap in general deserves praise. It’s a marathon…we just have to stay on the path. 🙂

Soul on Fire

This is for anyone that sets a goal and pushes forward, only to look back to see they aren’t as far as they’d like to be.


365 days ago, I moved to California in search of, well, I didn’t even know at the time…freedom? purpose? dreams fulfilled? Hell, I had no idea what I really wanted!

But I knew that I would find it here, or at the very least would lead me in the right direction.

To describe it briefly: sensory f***** overload. Thousands of thoughts came in at once, like a dam had been built up and it broke down as I stepped off the tarmac at John Wayne Airport. With a cousin and uncle and a job to hold me up, everything else was up to me.

I really did feel like a boy in a candy store. Or, for 9-yr old me, the largest L’eggo store…

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